Europe Travel Diary (2017)

Day 1: Traveling from Atlanta to Brussels

August 30, 2017 – Our day started out pretty normal. I woke up and went to work. Eric had the day off so he stayed home and got our house ready for us to be gone for 3 weeks.

We had already packed the night before so there was really nothing left to do when I got home. We ate lunch and then it was off to the Atlanta airport in an Uber at 1:30 pm.

Neither of us are much for leaving anything to chance which is why we got to the Atlanta airport 3 hours early :). You just never know!

The line at security was nothing. We got through in 10 min and headed to the lounge. This was both of our first times in the Atlanta airport lounge (not Delta Sky Club, the other one). We had been told it was awful. Here’s my take: it’s not swanky, but it sure beats sitting outside our gate for 2 hours. Regardless of the lackluster service, we still got free food and drinks. Maybe we just aren’t high maintenance? Moving on…

Wine at the Priority Pass lounge in the airport in Atlanta, Georgia
At the lounge

Around 4:40 pm we decided to make our way to our gate. That’s when we realized we weren’t leaving from terminal F where we already were, we needed to be in E… HA! So on to the plane train we went. I have never seen the plane train at the Atlanta airport so empty. We had an entire car to ourselves.

We boarded quickly and left right on time. Our plane was completely full of course.

Our gate at the airport in Atlanta Georgia
Our gate

This is so boring, I’m sorry! Nothing crazy or exciting happened, but I can’t document our trip without a Day 1!

View from the plane flying from Atlanta Georgia to Brussels Belgium
Sunset from the plane

Our flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Brussels, Belgium was relatively uneventful and didn’t feel too long. I think we both slept about 2hrs each. Dinner was gross, but breakfast was pretty good!

I forgot to mention something a little interesting that happened when we were boarding. Two US border patrol agents escorted a guy on to our plane before everyone boarded. When we got off in Brussels we saw him standing to the side with the police. He wasn’t in handcuffs or anything and he had a bag… I’m still so curious about that whole situation.

Since I’m technically on day 2, see the next post for the rest of Brussels and arriving in Paris!


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3 thoughts on “Day 1: Traveling from Atlanta to Brussels”

  1. Hi,
    Believe it or not, we have just read the writeup of your trip to Europe and it is a winner. I wish we lived nearby so that we could have you show us how you do this. When we are finished reading it all, we will send you some photos of our recent trip to British Columbia with our comments, but it won’t be at all professional like yours. I read that you only had about two hours of sleep on your overnight flight. All these flights are full and I can’t sleep sitting up, so a while back I started by taking Ambien about an hour or so after departure. What a difference it makes arriving in the morning Europe time with 6plus hours of sleep. I also see that you had Noosa yogurt for breakfast. That is made in our backyard and is my favorite yogurt these days. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

    1. Oh thank you so much!! Only 14 more posts to go! I’d love to see your pictures and hear about your most recent trip. The flights were brutal, but we were totally fine on the way there. The way back was rough. I’ll figure it out one day! Surely this won’t be our last long journey 😉 That yogurt was delicious! It was the best part about the breakfast for sure.

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