Sake cocktail at Nobu in Las Vegas
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Day 5: Working from Las Vegas and Dining at Nobu

When we were planning this trip, I decided that on Eric’s conference day I would just work a normal day in order to save a little time off for Christmas. It’s not like I was going to go out and do stuff on my own for the entire day and working from Las Vegas was way better than working from Atlanta. I thought about going to the spa, but after I saw the prices it was totally out of the question.

After work, I ran down to the casino to grab some food. I just went to the quick service place and got some pizza. It was so good!

At 5:00 pm, Eric walked back from the Mirage and met me in the casino. I was fading fast from sitting on my computer all day so we went to the little coffee shop for a pick me up.

After getting ready, we met Scott in the casino then took a taxi to the Hard Rock Casino. He had made reservations for us to eat at a really nice restaurant called Nobu. The Hard Rock was so small! We walked around to look at everything then just decided to go to Nobu early to grab a drink.

Nobu sign at Hard Rock Resort in Las Vegas
My first drink was a sake cocktail with coconut water and mint poured over a small ice block. It was delicious!

We were seated around 7:45 pm. Scott explained to us that this was not a typical restaurant and it was just as much about the experience as it was about the food. So our waiter came over and asked if we wanted to just let them start bringing out food to suit our tastes.

Eric was really concerned about me not liking anything, so he had the waiter give me cooked options. I will admit, I’m pretty picky when it comes to food. However, if I’m in a new place or at a really nice restaurant where whatever I try will be the best of the best, I will eat it. So we ordered one cooked item (shrimp tempura) and the rest we left up to the waiter.

Oh. My. Gosh. I don’t eat much seafood and this was the best food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life… and it was all seafood, some completely raw.

Ready to drool?

Yellowtail and tuna sashimi with jalapeño
Shrimp tempura cut sushi, crab roll, raw salmon
Fancy sake served in a copper kettle
Blackened butterfish; I did not like this one, but Eric said it was so good he could eat the skin
Raw salmon with fried rice cubes (they were like rice tater tots)

I know what you’re thinking; no way Lauryn ate any of this. Well, the joke’s on you because I ate all of it. The 2 {expensive} bottles of sake we drank did help with my fearlessness.

After our fabulous dinner, we headed back to Caeser’s Palace to hang out because their casino is much bigger (although smokier). We couldn’t find any blackjack tables less than $25, so Eric and I walked back to the Bellagio. Scott knew some people at Caeser’s that were there from Atlanta for the conference so he stayed behind.

We were about even on winnings vs. losses, so we went to our failsafe: partial electric roulette (physical table, electric spinner). We sat down and after about 10 min, all seats were filled and we were all having a good time. I hadn’t really done much gambling, so I said to heck with it and put in $20. It was our last night in Vegas and if $20 was all that I was going to lose, then I think I did pretty good. A bunch of bets and spins later, I turned that $20 to $100! I know it’s nothing to brag about, but for this non-gambler, I was very excited.

We headed back up to the room around 1:00 am to hit the hay for our 10:00 am flight the next morning!


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